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What is findmysexpert?

We are the first global sexual wellness platform that brings to you skilled and experienced professionals from all backgrounds of the Sexuality Support Industry. 

We believe your body, sex life and relationships matter. 

So, whether you’re here for these reasons or maybe just out of pure curiosity, we know either a practitioner or one of our featured events will pique your interest.

We only feature certified, skilled and experienced practitioners so, accessing a variety of tailored sexuality support has never been easier! 

Welcome to a whole new world of sexual discovery, we invite you to explore the possibilities and find and book an appointment with your Sexpert today…      

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We offer

Certified and experienced professionals

We manually verify all advertising practitioners, their adverts, credentials and websites, when they first join the platform and also every time their advert is updated.

The whole of the Sexuality Support Industry

We feature professionals from backgrounds in Counselling, Sexological Bodywork, Psychology, Sexology, Intimacy, Relationship and Sex Coaches, BDSM Practitioners, Masseurs and Tantra Teachers along with many other supportive professions. ​


Your safety is paramount so we have created an in-house recording mechanism where you can tell us of any advertising practitioner who is breaking the Terms and Conditions of the platform. Check out our Safety Centre for more info.

We DO NOT offer

Explicit content

You WILL NOT find explicit content on our platform.

Links to explicit content

We verify all advertisers websites to make certain the content of their website are in line with the services they offer.

Sexual gratification experiences

Practitioners advertising through findmysexpert are certified professionals who offer their knowledge and expertise in Sexuality Support only

Opportunities for solicitation

Do not expect to solicit sex or sexual gratification services from practitioners advertising on the platform. Practitioners are to be respected for their knowledge, experience and support they offer.

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findmysexpert created The Sex Support Survey to truly understand what the public know and more importantly what YOU don’t know about sexuality support services. 

Your time today can help raise awareness of safe certified sexuality and relationship professionals and potentially stop people from accessing less supportive alternatives.  

5 minutes – 100% anonymous 

Our Core Values


We work in partnership with various organisations globally to bring discounts to practitioners and their clients.  Why not take a look at our working in partnership page? 


We celebrate Human Sexuality and the professionals delivering amazing services that can really change lives.  You can read and leave us a FIVE STAR Trustpilot review if you like…


All your nagging questions answered in our FAQ’s section.  Read all about the different professions within the Sex Support Industry and gain a deeper  understand of what will work for you!.

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Transform your sex life and relationships with support from a certified, highly skilled practitioner

Advertise as a Sexpert

We are a platform for professionals working within sexual wellness. 

Our aim is to strengthen, support and celebrate all sexuality professions by showcasing the diversity, knowledge and expertise within the industry.  We aim to change perceptions of what Sexpert’s do and bring to you clients who will benefit from your expertise and services.  

We only feature certified and or experienced practitioners, your advert will be continually checked and verified to meet platform standards.  

Certifications must be uploaded.   

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