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Certified and experienced professionals

We manually verify all advertising practitioners, their adverts, credentials and websites, when they first join the platform and also every time their advert is updated.

The whole of the Sexuality Support Industry

We feature professionals from backgrounds in Counselling, Sexological Bodywork, Psychology, Sexology, Intimacy, Relationship and Sex Coaches, BDSM Practitioners, Masseurs and Tantra Teachers along with many other supportive professions. ​


Your safety is paramount so we have created an in-house recording mechanism where you can tell us of any advertising practitioner who is breaking the Terms and Conditions of the platform. Check out our Safety Centre for more info.

We DO NOT offer

Explicit content

You WILL NOT find explicit content on our platform.

Links to explicit content

We verify all advertisers websites to make certain the content of their website are in line with the services they offer.

Sexual gratification experiences

Practitioners advertising through findmysexpert are certified professionals who offer their knowledge and expertise in Sexuality Support only

Opportunities for solicitation

Do not expect to solicit sex or sexual gratification services from practitioners advertising on the platform. Practitioners are to be respected for their knowledge, experience and support they offer.

We check the of all our advertisers

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