Get creative with your Ad

Simple ideas to making the most of your advert

Cover Image Feature

Maximise all space!

Personalise your cover image with your logo, brand colours or use a professional image of yourself with an attractive caption.

Create something visually appealing that draws attention.

Perhaps use this space to tell potential clients more about what you offer and how you can help or add a testimonial.

Cover images should be 900 x 400 (px) you can create a great branded cover image using apps or websites like Canva or Pixelied.

Strapline Feature

Profile Image Feature

Invest in professional photographs for your business. 

We will only contact practitioners who have professional high resolution photographs for press opportunities.

UK based advertisers: We have discounts with photographers drop us an e-mail to find out more. 

Video Feature

Why not introduce yourself via video to your potential clients?

You can add up to 4 videos to your profile, event or course adverts. 

Gallery Image Feature

Make your advert fun…and add a giff!

This is a great space to inform potential clients about something new or something that isn’t in your bio.   

Is there anything you want clients to know before they call you?  Make a poster and add it to your gallery. 

Advert Bio Feature

Check out other practitioners adverts for inspiration!

Use our Advert Checklist PDF to help you in creating the best advert that grabs potential client’s attention

Technical questions about the platform? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page 

To stop you from unintentionally breaking the rules of the platform you can read our Posting Guidelines.