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Celebrating our 2 year anniversary 8th October 2021 by launching our brand new Brand Ambassador and Affiliate partnership programs. 

After the disastrous year of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic many sexuality professionals are still transitioning back into a good flow and comfort in their work.  The restrictions of the pandemic has hurt many businesses and even though some practitioners were able to pivot their business to offering online services, they still faced challenges with shadow banning and social media censorship.  

There are ongoing restrictions which still impact face to face work and access to help.  Our valuable work has never been more needed and the demand for our services greater.  

It was touch and go for the findmysexpert platform during this time also but we managed to weather the storm and now we are coming back bigger and stronger with a national truck advertising campaign where over 4 million people will see our brand.  This exciting opportunity will launch at the end of 2021 and run into 2022. 

As an advertising platform for certified sexuality professionals, we are really proud that during the pandemic we were not only able to reduce advertising costs to practitioners who were struggling but also that we continued to fight for visibility of sexperts work, by winning and launching the findmysexpert brand on UK national TV with Sky Television.

We are excited that you are here and interested in joining us on our journey to improving access and visibility to the The Sex Support Industry – your chosen industry. 

It is not an easy industry to be in by any means but by working together we can make it easier for each other.  

If your an individual or organisation click on the right video for you below where you’ll find out more about becoming either a Brand Ambassador or an Affiliate Partner. 

Together we can raise awareness of our under accessed industry and beat the censorship and shadow banning of our work because the public deserve choice and we deserve thriving businesses!    

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