findmysexpert offers more marketing features than any other platform. Essentially we give you a miniature website to use as much or as little as you like, we have you covered with all your marketing requirements.

Profile, Cover and gallery images. 

Bio and Offers and Promotions sections.

Video uploads from Vemo and YouTube and you can check out our advert support pages to help you maximise your adverts. and get the most out of the platform. 

We are a full search engine optimised platform and so are your adverts, we also offer personalised branding because we want you and your business to gain the recognition you deserve.     

Specifically designed to offer your Business Services, Events and Courses the best exposure.  

Full control over your advert 24/7. 

We do not censor your work as social media platforms do!   

24/7 access to your dashboard where you can update your adverts whenever you like.

All your invoices are accessible for Tax purposes. 

Register and gain access to our Business Support pages with tons of extra benefits like discounted photographers, discounts on teaching tools and more. 

Direct Messaging

30 Day Ad boost Feature - Just £8.00

Plug and play marketing materials

We make promoting your business easy.

We have created a series of funky eye-catching posters that you can use to market your Advert, Events, Courses and Blogs.  These are accessible to you on your dashboard and fit all social platforms.

Personalised branding

We celebrate sexuality professionals with personalised branding.  We do this because we think this will help support the public’s perception of sexuality support if they can see a friendly happy face. 

Using personalised branding as a collective helps to normalise accessing sexuality support by showing that everyday people work in the industry.

We like to keep a consistent, professional brand because we are passionate about our brand and keeping consistent has a ripple effect on how the public will view sexuality support services moving forward.

This is our way to welcome you into the community to create a place where sexperts can gather and feel a sense of belonging.