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Aug 18
What is mindful masturbation?

Pleasuring yourself can be a conscious practice – in a similar way to the practice of…

Jul 18
Get more conscious with your consent

In any exchange there’s a giver and a receiver, someone doing and someone being…

Jul 13
Sexting tips from a pro: How to do it right when you start dating

By Christian J, content creator and tester for adult dating and sex chat websites This…

Jun 22
So, what is gay sex anyway?

An Article By: Michael Dresser For men who are attracted to other men sex can mean…

May 18
Touching for pleasure

Article By: Michael Dresser It can be harder than you might think to enjoy the…

Apr 15
How you can make better gay sex happen

Article By: Michael Dresser  Learn about one of the biggest myths, how you can…

Mar 16
Sexological Bodywork goes mainstream

Article By: Michael Dresser As one of the few gay Certified Sexological Bodywork…

Feb 17
5 essential masturbation techniques for men

Article By: Michael Dresser  What if self-pleasure is actually the key to better…

Feb 06
What is Cuckolding

Article By: Jools   There has been an increasing interest in cuckolding in recent…

Jan 16
4 tips for better intimacy

Article By: Michael Dresser  Better intimacy happens when you’re able to feel…

Jan 16
What kind of wanker are you? Bring more pleasure to your self-pleasure

Article By: Michael Dresser  Masturbation: the best worst kept secret in the world.…

Dec 09
How to give a good hand job

Article By: Angel Arts “An amazing handjob feels like the biggest sugar rush all over…