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Apr 15
How you can make better gay sex happen

Learn about one of the biggest myths, how you can change your approach, and some of…

Mar 16
Sexological Bodywork goes mainstream

As one of the few gay Certified Sexological Bodywork practitioners in the UK, I’ve…

Feb 17
5 essential masturbation techniques for men

What if self-pleasure is actually the key to better sex? If you want to have better…

Feb 06
What is Cuckolding

There has been an increasing interest in cuckolding in recent times. According to…

Jan 16
4 tips for better intimacy

Better intimacy happens when you’re able to feel more. Learn about 4 simple but…

Jan 16
What kind of wanker are you? Bring more pleasure to your self-pleasure

Masturbation: the best worst kept secret in the world. There’s probably not a person…

Dec 09
How to give a good hand job

“An amazing handjob feels like the biggest sugar rush all over your body…” Lucky…

Dec 03
How to Give a Mind-Blowing G-Spot Massage

Thirteen steps to give your beloved a mind-blowing g-spot massage. Learn about the…

Nov 28
What Are Orgasms and How do they Work?

Ever wondered how orgasms work?  Reading a description of one raises a lot more…

Nov 16
Opening to Vulnerability

“Vulnerability is not a weakness, a passing indisposition, or something we can arrange…

Nov 16
How to get more pleasure from sex and intimacy

You may be surprised to learn that nobody can ‘give’ you pleasure. …

Nov 16
The Pleasure Principle

“Many of us pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that we hurry past it” ~ Søren…