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Apr 05
Sex In Lockdown

The first week of April 2021 and England is taking its initial tentative but eagerly…

Mar 24
Never Had Sex

Article By: Vicky Are you a mature man that has never sex? Are you afraid of intimacy…

Mar 03
Can I fix your sexual problems?

Article By: Michael Dresser Many people try to fix their sexual problems by looking…

Feb 16
Couples Massage Coaching

Article By: Libby Sheppard Learning the art of intimate touch I really, really enjoy…

Feb 16
Masturbation Coaching: how virtual sessions can empower, transform and liberate

Article By: Libby Sheppard Is your masturbation routine boring, habitual and…

Jan 13
What to think about in pleasure… Don’t!

Most of us are in our heads and have busy minds and when we take that into the bedroom…

Jan 13
Reframing Unfulfilled Longing

Sometimes it’s easier not to go there, go to the place of new experience, the…

Jan 13
Intimate Conversations

How do you chat someone up online? How do you move from pleasantries to an online…

Jan 13
Cuckold – Humiliation or the ultimate sign of love and trust?

Article By: Colin Richards The current conventional description of cuckolding is a man…

Jan 13
How does your man drive?

Article written by Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters. The problem with porn Watching…

Jan 03
Sex is Complex

It’s funny: in life, when we’re wise, we learn not to expect that other people will…

Jan 01
Sexual expression being witnessed…

I was 22 when it dawned on me how limiting talk therapy can be to get to the crux of…