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Jan 01
Psychosensensual Massage and Anorgasmia

Overcoming  Anorgasmia Article written by Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters…

Jan 01
Why some men like men, the theory of five influences.

The Theory of 5 Influences Article written by Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters…

Jan 01
What is a Sensual Massage ?

The ultimate massage experience Article written by Colin Richards of Intimacy Matters…

Dec 30
Women: Find your Mojo! How to Feel more sexy.

I often get emails from women looking to experience a greater sexual Libido.  They are…

Dec 06
What is a Sensual Massage

A sensual massage or full body sensual massage is an intimate experience…

Nov 22
What is mindful sex?

What is mindful sex, and how can mindful sex coaching help you? Learn about this…

Nov 21
Don’t let changes to your body cause a lack of body confidence.

If you lack body confidence due to changes that have happened to your body – this…

Nov 21
Phone camera mirrors are not real mirrors…

On the one hand, we know cameras/phones aren’t mirrors. On the other, we consistently…

Nov 21
Happy Ending Massage or Tantric Massage?

As a Somatic Sex Coach, premature ejaculation is probably the number one concern that…

Nov 21
What Is Tantra?

Tantra is a vast and holistic philosophy for living that began with the Taoists of…

Nov 20
Good In Bed?

In Nick Roeg’s film ‘Insignificance’, there’s a great scene where Albert Einstein and…

Nov 20
There’s a new type of Sex Ed in Town and this Time it’s for Grown Ups

Article By: Alison Pilling Why is it often so difficult to talk about the most…