Eligibility and Fees

Professionals only platform

findmysexpert is the first multidisciplinary advertising platform for all certified sexuality professionals. 

We feature practitioners from all backgrounds and expertise within The Sex Support Industry. 

All advertisers are assessed against our eligibility criteria and additional background and website checks.  

You are required to show your certifications on registration.

We have built-in maintenance checks and safeguards across the platform, so you will be advertising alongside genuine sexuality and relationship professionals only.

Eligibility Criteria

Advertising Fees

You not only benefit from great advertising space for your business but your advert fee also raises awareness of the industry as a whole too!

The platform and all its features are designed specifically for your chosen industry The Sex Support Industry.  

We offer Annual and Monthly payment plans with an incentive to those who stay with us for 12 months.  

We are a GROUNDBREAKING platform breaking advertising firsts in the UK…read more about our achievements here.

Business Advertising for just 55 pence per day

30 Day Advert Boost!

Have your advert show above all other adverts in our search engine functions for a full 30 days – Just £8

Payable and accessible via your dashboard.

Brand Ambassadors

Why not make a connection with one of our brand ambassadors and you could get a further 15% off your Annual fee making it just £170 for 12 months of industry-specific business advertising!

Check out our Brand Ambassadors or become a BA yourself and get your advertising free for the length of time you’re a BA!