We feature first-class courses from Certified Sex and Relationship Professionals happening across the globe. 

From one-day workshops on effective communication to retreats on deepening intimacy with all the wonderful stuff in between.

We cater to couples, individuals, LGBTQIA+ and kinky people too. 

There is something for everyBODY.

Why would you choose to go to an event?

A cost-effective way of getting the answers and support you need events often work out a lot cheaper than regular 121 sessions with a practitioner.  

Courses and workshops are a great way to learn new and lifelong skills.  They are also a great way to meet with like-minded people. 

Our featured events can often be presented by several practitioners.  Allowing you to benefit from the skills and expertise of an array of professionals. 

Our survey said

findmysexpert conducted a public survey to find out what the public knows about sexuality support services.  

We asked people about their preferences from talking with partners about issues in their sex lives to their interest in attending sexuality-based events and courses.  

Hers’s the result from respondents on attending events.   

Are you a yes person, like our survey respondents? 

41% of people said they would attend a sexuality event or workshop - 39% said it would depend on the content and 20% said no
37% of people surveyed said they would attend a sexuality based event with a sexual partner
40% said they would attend a sexuality event with a friend - 31% said it depends on the content - 29% said no
Would you be more or less inclined to go to a sexuality event if it included nudity? 55% said it would depend on the content - 16% said they would be more inclined - 15% said less inclined and 14% said they would not attend

511 respondents   


I’d like to answer any pressing questions you may have about my services, events or courses.  Just drop me a message below.