How to get more pleasure from sex and intimacy

Article By: Michael Dresser

You may be surprised to learn that nobody can ‘give’ you pleasure.  It’s an experience that happens in your own body.

So if you want more pleasure during sex or intimacy the best place to start is with your own body.

Most of us have had very little sex education, and even less pleasure education.

Yet a lot of people will say, when asked, that what they want from sex is more pleasure – and gay sex is no exception.

So what is pleasure, and what’s the best way to go about getting more of it?

More communication equals more pleasure

Although you may not think it sounds very sexy, accessing more pleasure is very often about getting better at communication!

If you want someone to touch you the way you enjoy, it’s really helpful to be able to tell them what feels good.

That’s often the bit where many of us come unstuck! But it’s where I can help.

How can you get more pleasure from sex?

When it comes to gay sex and intimacy, the more you can relax the more pleasure you will find.

The first step is to slow down, so you can notice and trust what you enjoy.  Then you can start to communicate it more.

There are also three elements that combine to create an experience of pleasure in your body when touch is involved.

Watch my video to find out more about them.