How to Give a Mind-Blowing G-Spot Massage

Article By: Jade Lotus 

Thirteen steps to give your beloved a mind-blowing g-spot massage. Learn about the benefits and help your beloved to unwind on a deep level with this powerful technique.

The G-spot is by far the best known internal female pleasure spot. It was indeed first observed by Western doctors in the mid 20th Century. However, it has actually remained controversial, with many people not believing it exists.

Understanding the G-Spot

I can confirm that yes, indeed the G-spot does exist. However it is not simply pleasure spot. It’s really a much more complex area that can feel pleasurable, uncomfortable, or just plain numb.

So, why are different women having different exeriences? More to the point, why can the G-spot feel great one day, and the next day feel like nothing or even painful?

The G-spot actually lies at the back of the clitoris. In fact, essentially it is the backside of the clitoral tissue. There also is a gland that has been located in that area called the Skene’s gland. Both of these contribute to the sensations in the G-spot.

How To Give a G-Spot Massage

A simple explanation for the lack of sensation or pain can be tension in the tissues. However, let’s look on a deeper level and what the Eastern mystics have to say about the G-spot.

Esoteric Sexual Traditions and the G-Spot

According to the famous East Asian traditions of Taoism and Tantra, the G-spot is incredibly important. It’s about so much more than pleasure too. It actually holds all the stress and repressed emotions that the woman hides during her day.

In other words, it’s essential to massage this spot to keep the woman healthy. The discomfort means that the woman needs the massage to maintain her health.

G-spot massage is totally an essential part of Tantric Massage too. It is actually also an important part of female ejaculation.

How you can give your Beloved a G-Spot Massage

Here are Thirteen Steps to Giving Your Beloved a Therepeutic and Sensuous G-Spot Massage.

1. Talk to her about what you are going to do. Make sure she understands where you are going to touch her and that the purpose of the session is both therepeutic and sensual. She needs to know she may release emotions which could feel uncomfortable or that she may cry.

2. Prepare a comfortable space. A bed with towels down is great, and use ambient lighting and music.

3. Get her to relax. Shaking off your bodies together while having a giggle is a great way to start.

4. Get her to lie down on her front and spend some time massaging her back. You can chat and giggle, keeping it light hearted and comfortable.

5. Once she is really feeling relaxed, get her to turn over. Now encourage her to take long deep breaths into her belly, to shut her eyes and drift into a trance.

6. You can massage her head and her body with oil.

7. As you approach her genital area, ask her if she is ready for it. Make sure that she is completely happy, don’t try to convince her or go there without asking

8. Warm the outside of the vagina gently with your hands, massaging all over except the clitoris. For a successful G-spot massage, the clitoris should be avoided.

9. Use your thumb to gently palpate the vagina entrance. Use this penetration technique.

10. If you follow that technique outlined in the blog linked in point 9, you will find that your index finger is sucked into her vagina. The pad will actually end up rest on her G-spot.

11. The G-spot feels rough like the rough of your mouth. Invite her to kee breathing and relaxing, and get feedback for what she is feeling.

12. You can start to sweep your finger back and forth, slowly and gently over her G-spot. Ask her how it feels. Slow and gentle are absolutely key here. You can build up pressure slowly if she asks.

13. Another technique is to use a gentle and light ulsing movement. Be very aware of pressure. It is so important to get this right.

Be prepared that she may feel emotional. She may cry or laugh, feel pleasure or pain. This is way deeper than usual pleasure, it is about a deep personal transformation. Also liquid, sometimes in large amounts may come out.

After the massage, make sure she rests, and be there to support her. She may wish to talk about uncomfortable feelings. It is normal that anger can be expressed too.

This is a deep healing experience, so anything can happen. Remember this is powerful energy and have an open mind and allow the energy to unflow, wherever it takes you.

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