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Say goodbye to unfulfilling or boring sex forever by stepping into a new way of relating. I’m focused on helping you explore your sensuality and intimacy.  In sessions online, I support you to heighten your intimate connection, heal your relationships, and to understand more about pleasure. I know that learning and talking about the possibilities for sex can be tricky, as can admitting to ourselves that we’d like to find our long-lost libido and find new ways of loving that are genuinely enjoyable. In exploring this realm, you’ll broaden the variety of what might be possible in your bedroom, you’ll enjoy understanding your own and your partner’s body, rekindling your desire and relationship.   I help with supportive information and practical exercises based on my experience from Tantra and Sexological Bodywork.  Or if you fancy enjoying and understanding something a little naughtier I can help you with a gentle exploration into finding your kinkier side. I’ll help you explore what’s both possible and pleasurable.  I invite you to explore my website, read some of the articles and contact me to book a no-obligation 15 min discovery call. Let Sex Connect You. Let Intimacy Grow You. Let Honesty Free You


As the creator of The Sex Lectures you can view the Manchester Sex Lectures HERE for free.

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