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Hi, I’m Angel. I am the founder of the Secret Sauce Angel love school, certified sex coach, and contributing author to the Killing Kittens blog. I’ve always been curious about what makes us better lovers.

In 2018, I discovered techniques that were completely transformational. I learnt 148 foreplay techniques during my teacher training… Combining these with tantric massage, sensual massage and the art of squeezing became a turning point in my life, and the lives of people I shared this knowledge with.

Technique is that “secret sauce” that changes our experiences completely:

  • It helps us give more pleasure and discover the “keys” to creating ultimate experiences for our partners
  • It empowers us, because we’re no longer desperately wondering what else we could do, we have a whole set of sequences we can use and play with
  • We can let go of our “performance” worries, focus on the connection, experience, have fun and enjoy our sexuality…

I’ve created an online masterclass for women which covers the golden rules of hand and oral caressing, ecstatic handjob and blowjob techniques, tips on tweaking traditional sex positions for ultimate sensations and practices for nurturing your sexuality.

You can get it with a special 30% discount with the coupon code FINDMYSEXPERT

Enjoy your love life!

Angel x


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