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You have to TRAIN for the activity you want to be good at. Sex is no different! Beyond pills, pumps, and shots lies a world of possibility for Erectile Dysfunction that most practitioners have yet to discover or are too afraid to address. Masturbation & sexual activity can be coached using key best practices known throughout sports and dance:

  • Optimal Performance is achieved when the mind & the body align into “Flow State”
  • Have a Coach who can tailor feedback and offer inspiration

Erica Leroye is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker & Erotic Performance Coach. She is the founder of Creative Body Release, a body-based approach to erotic exploration designed to encourage personal “growth” in all its forms using new approaches to understanding & addressing erectile flow & function throughout the lifespan. All sessions are individualized & incorporate Erica’s 30 yrs. of experience & training in traditional & alternative health, wellness, and education.   Curious how CBR could help YOU? Where are you on the journey?

  • Prevention: “Nothing’s happening yet. BUT…”
  • Remediation:”I have stress & physical symptoms & want to optimize my potential”
  • Re-Imagination: “I have medical complications & need new options for sexual expression”

Contact me & let’s turn YOUR “Oh F+ck!” to “F+ck Yeah!”

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