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Erotic Mastery for Men

Let’s face it…. it’s tough out there for guys!

You are expected to somehow miraculously know what to do with the female body without ever having been taught. You are expected to initiate sexual encounters and “be a man”, yet still be sensitive and caring and tuned into a woman. You might even have found the courage to ask a woman what she wants… only to be left in the dark.

Sound familiar?

Erotic Mastery gives you the sex education you never had; based in pleasure and enjoyment rather than performance or pressure.

Sessions include, yet are not limited to:

  • How to drop performance anxiety and be totally present to the moment
  • Cultivating energetic attunement and erotic aliveness
  • The anatomy and energetics of arousal
  • Boundaries and communication – ensuring that your touch is welcome and desired
  • Erotic massage and sensual touch – how to give from a place of presence to ignite the body of the other

Fees begin at £800 for one day (6-7hrs) of immersive education and hands-on experience. Multiple days can be booked, with accommodation and meals included, to create a bespoke retreat.


Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality professional devoted to supporting men to come into their authentic sexual expression through conscious touch, erotic education and sacred intimacy.

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