Course Description

Getting Conscious with Kink

Are you curious about Conscious Kink and BDSM?

Are you ready to expand your understanding of erotic expression?

Would you love to deepen trust, connection, communication, and erotic creativity in your intimate relationships?

Then this breathtaking journey into the wonderfully erotic world of Conscious Kink is an amazing starting point!


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Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced player, award-winning sexuality professional Seani Love with his talented super star team, invite you to join them for this beautiful journey through the wonders of conscious kink.


Why Conscious Kink? Conscious Kink helps us expand our understanding of our bodies, our subconscious patterns, our sexualities and thus ourselves. With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Conscious Kink offers us a diverse set of tools that allow us to expand our sexuality, be more confident with our lovers and play partners, and become more empowered as self-aware erotic beings.


During this course you will learn about:

The use of ritual and intention to create safe spaces

Boundary setting, consent and safety techniques

Deepening connection through neotantric techniques and conscious touch

Giving and receiving pain and pleasure with intentional BDSM skills

Service, sovereignty and surrender

Eroticising the authentic dynamics of domination and submission (D/s)

Giving, receiving and holding power

Darker places such as consensual non-consent

Exploring how archetypes can be utilised for deepening your erotic journey

& much more!


Your Class Timetable

01. Getting Started: Consent And Boundaries (87:19)

02. Impact Play (78:03)

03. Power Exchange (74:24)

04. Consensual Non Consent (66:35)

05. Healing and Empowerment (80:54)

06. Archetypes and Rituals (70:22)


What people say about this course…

“I have been really impressed by the grounded tone that all of the team has been using. It has been massively reassuring for me. As someone who is very new to kink and rather intimidated by it, to keep it so “down to earth”, light and playful, with a focus on communication has made it very “approachable”. Thank you so much!” – Isa

“I adore teaching others about kink, and am finding it wonderful to be on the receiving end of that, getting back to basics with a fresh light.” – Kirstine This course is essential for you if you wish to expand your full erotic potential.


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