Course Description

In this feature length course you'll learn how to be, or to own/train, a kinky four-legged friend.

View this course online from the comfort of your own home and be inspired to try out some new ways to play yourselves.

What You'll Learn
Suitable for all - new and experienced players alike - this course is perfect for those keen to try pet play from a conscious kink perspective.

  • What pet play is and isn't
  • How to get the most out of pet play (safely!)
  • What to wear, and where and how to play!

Divine Theratrix talks you through what it's all about, why she loves pet play, and introduces the two models who describe what pet play is like for them mentally, emotionally and sensually.

You get to see two beautiful demonstrations of live pet play filmed on location as well as details of play wear and equipment, as well as ideas for how you can create your own scenes at home.

Course Information