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I bring a grounded loving attention to sessions and I invite whatever edge you are courageously walking, with full approval and lots of encouragement. The vulnerable, powerful aspects of sexuality are held with reverence and explored at your right pace. Pleasure is welcome and celebrated as we bring intention to your big desires. My approach is gentle & firm, fierce & tender, playful & grounded. I am comfortable with a wide range of lifestyles and erotic expressions and I’ll be a creative co-explorer with you into the truth and wisdom of your own living Eros. As a homesteader and sex educator, a grief walker and ecstatic dancer, a systems designer and an improviser, a mystic and a pragmatist, I delight in paradox and have capacity for ALL aspects of who you truly are. As a lifelong dancer and gardener, my spiritual priorities have been to access the Divine through my own body and the body of the Earth and the humans that turn me on and challenge me to grow. I love working with folks who consider themselves seekers or have some experience with embodiment or mindfulness and a longing to know the empowered serenity of dirt under their fingernails.

If you’re undecided about Erotic embodiment support at this time, you can keep my details for when you feel ready… just use the share feature at the top of my listing!

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