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Somatic Sex Education™ is a unique combination of embodiment practices and mindfulness that brings you into a greater felt sense of your erotic experiencing.
Somatic Sex Education™ makes use of the latest findings in sexology and neuroscience. Mindful practice moves the nervous system into greater integration and coherence. This means your erotic practice increases your capacity for empathy with yourself, with others, and with every aspect of your life. How good is that?!

The heart of the approach is regular practice over time. To enable this to take place it is recommended that you attend a series of regular sessions, for example weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In addition I will usually suggest home practice so you can continue learning in your own environment.

"Thank you for such a safe and hugely intimate and beautiful experience. This work has given me a profound sense of healing and liberation"
- J. B., Learning support worker

I co-founded the Sea School of Embodiment and is course leader for the UK & Ireland Somatic Sex Education professional training.

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