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- done playing the guessing game and feeling lost in your relationships & sex life – I will help you build the awareness and skills that will change your life, sex & relationships for the better – from dating through bedding to wedding?

- curious and opening up about polyamory & kink – I’ll help you find the joys of kink & abundance of love, intimacy & connection in polyamory.

- struggling with your body and sex-drive, enjoying intimacy, communicating your desires & fantasies – I’ll help you find your spark and voice + enjoy them

- finding yourself locked in patterns that sabotage your intimate life & relationships –  I’ll help you see those patterns & rewire your mind and life away from the vicious cycles of self-sabotage and unhappiness

- you want to improve & spice up your relationship(s) and intimate life – I’ll guide you through the secrets of expanding your pleasure & sexual experiences

Book your free introductory call (here) and let’s explore all that is close to your heart and important for your mental, intimate & relationship well-being together.


Get access to dozens of hours of sex positive content – from juicy eBooks, through know-how videos, curious podcasts, educational webinars and more – at our Knowledge Hub - Sure Island

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