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Tired of finding yourself frustrated, lonely, unfulfilled, and lost in your intimate life and relationships?

Yes, spending life stuck and unhappy, feeling like a lab rat – trying to figure out a maze without a map can be soul-destroying.

I’ve been talking, teaching and helping people with their relationships and sexuality since 2007, and no story can faze me. You can feel safe – I’ll get you. I will understand and not judge one bit.

This is your journey. Are you struggling with intimacy and sexuality? Are you curious about kinky sex or swinging? Or maybe you want to open your relationship? Or to begin with – actually find a partner?

Whatever sits closest to your heart – we can work with. I help my clients to build their skills set, understanding of themselves and their partners, expand on their sexuality and expression, get out of unhealthy patterns in relationships and build a life full of passion, pleasure, excitement, love, peace and confidence.

Curious? Threre are many ways to embark on a growth journey. I offer sessions, webinars, sex-positive social events, and more. Hence I invite you to learn more about my work by visiting my website.

And if you’re interested, simply reach out and we will schedule a 30min free introductory meeting, so you can make an informed decision about working together.

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I’d like to answer any pressing questions you may have about my services, events or courses.  Just drop me a message below.