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Are you tired of having shallow unfulfilling relationships with women?

Are you looking for a deep intimate relationship with a woman that is more than just a brief sexual encounter?

You’ve dated a series of different women but find it always fizzles out after a few short weeks. Yes, you can easily meet women on dating sites, workshops and social events have a quick fling but it rarely turns into anything more.

You struggle to make that leap from first dates to love and true intimacy. It’s time to level up your relationship skills.

Why it never works out? It’s all down to communication! This truly is the key to building deep intimate relationships.

By communicating your desires, needs and insecurities you are letting a woman into your inner world and allowing her to do the same.

No more scrambling around in the dark confused and unsure of what she wants or doesn’t want. Communication brings trust, safety and true intimacy into a relationship.

We have developed this Level Up course to share valuable communication skills with you so you can learn to communicate on multiple levels with your partner physically, sexually and emotionally.


Is this course for me?

You want to be a good lover but you’re not confident about your skills in bed. You assume you’re supposed to know what turns a woman on, how she likes to be touched, what’s really important to her but in reality you have no idea. You find women confusing, always getting mixed messages. You avoid having sex because you worry about your physical performance in bed. You’re tired of being alone and have a deep need to be in a loving relationship.

Deep within, you know that it’s about being open although you are unable to be vulnerable enough to vocalise it. Relationships cause you so much stress and anxiety and you just don’t understand why they never work out.


Be guided by women

Through interviews, demonstrations and guided practices Seani Love together with a group of award winning women practitioners in the field of dating, relationships and sexuality, share their wisdom from personal experience and years of working with women supporting them to discover and reclaim their sexuality. They share their deep understanding of what is needed to make a woman feel safe so she can open up her heart and ignite her sexual desire.


“Love the openness of the female specialists that’s a big help ..these very attractive, intelligent women are speaking clearly about what is ok and what is not ok from a man in love making and more than that what they love / what turns them on. Learning about connection with your lover, constant communication and slowing things down a lot is also particularly valuable for me.” – Level Up Participant


The power of this course is that it is facilitated by women.

Women open up to you. They share their experiences, wants and desires. Along with their fears, insecurities and past traumas. They share their bodies demonstrating exactly where and how they like to be touched.

From this course you will gain such deep insight of the inner world of women.

So you can understand what it is to be an amazing lover and how to connect intimately with women emotionally, physically and sexually.

“The woman teachers are bringing so much wisdom and experience and enthusiasm around sex and intimacy, I have learned a lot about the possibilities of other ways of being.” -LM Level Up Participant


Are you ready to…

Be confident and clear in your relationships.

Know what you want and express that clearly.

Touch her how she loves to be touched.

Give her pleasure and orgasms.

Create an environment where she feels safe to fully express herself emotionally and sexually.

Know when she wants you to rip her clothes off and be taken.

Display courage and compassion when faced with challenging emotions around rejection and performance.

Open up and be vulnerable.

Deeply love a woman


What do I get when I sign up?


An online course for you to explore at your own pace 12 hours of video classes.

Guides to practical exercises and demonstrations.

Homework exercises.

Email support throughout the duration of the course.

Access to a private Facebook group.

Access to the wisdom of a highly experienced team of sexuality practitioner.

Skills in the realm of relationships, communication and sexuality.


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Consent and Boundaries Learn to be confident and clear in relationships. Know what you want and express that clearly. Support women to do the same.

Module 2: The Female Body Learn how to touch her and what gives her pleasure. Watch women demonstrate the many and varied ways they love to be touched.

Module 3: Understanding the Male Erotic Body Understand and trust the wisdom of your body. Become more present during sex and experience more pleasure.

Module 4: The Yoni Learn the anatomy of a woman’s genitals. Watch demonstrations of self touch and learn how women love to be intimately touched.

Module 5: Yoni Massage Learn to pleasure a woman with live unedited recorded demonstrations of genital massage including guided practical touch strokes and communication practices.

Module 6: Making Peace with Porn Develop a healthy relationship with porn. What you can learn from porn and how it can support you to become more embodied with practical exercises.

Module 7: What’s Feminism Got to Do with it? When learning how to be a better lover, it’s important to understand the basics of feminism, including increasing awareness of any subconscious biases. Understanding the aims of feminism will make you a better lover.

Module 8: Emotional Agility Learn the power of vulnerability. Not being able to feel your emotions can lead to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to trying to develop intimacy with women. It is vital to learn and practice emotional awareness and understand how emotions, expressed or repressed, can affect and influence your relationships.

Module 9: Creating Deeper Connection How to safely introduce and explore new aspects of eroticism into your relationships, how to communicate about things that excite you and how to break out of old patterns of relating.

Module 10: Making Peace with the predator How you can unleash your wild masculine sexuality to meet the wild feminine.

Module 11: Flirting, Picking up and being rejected Become fearless by handling rejection gracefully. Learn how women like getting approached and what flirting looks like to them.


Seani Love is a professional kinkster, shadow explorer and straight male sex worker. He’s been working as both a sex worker and a sexuality educator since 2010. In 2015, Seani won the award of Sex Worker of the Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards in London. He’s trained in Counselling and since 2006 has been working on combining ritual journeys with BDSM as a powerful pathway to healing and self-discovery. As an international workshop facilitator, Seani has supported many people on their journey to places of increased power, personal and sexual expression, wisdom and love.


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