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Overview of Classes & Training Available

A step by step practical teaching for men who want to learn to give a sensual massage to a female/ The teaching includes traditional therapeutic massage strokes incorporating sensual touch and erotic arousal techniques plus a deeper understanding of the psychology of sexual arousal of women.

Depending on which class is taken these trainings include, practical skills in clitoral stimulation, vaginal massage, G & A spot massage and other specific techniques to enhance pleasure and extend sexplay as an alternative or build up to intercourse.

The 2.5 hour Experiential, 5 hour Foundation and 10 hour Intermediate classes are ideal for enhancing your personal relationship.

The 20 hour Professional Training  is ideal for those men wanting to become professional sensual masseurs giving to women as a part time or full time business the Professional Training covers all that the Foundation and Intermediate levels include plus an additional seven hours of massage practice and three hours business set up and on going 6 months business support

Students can start at the Experiential Session or go right to the Advanced Professional Class

No previous experience is needed

The 2 .5 Hour Experiential Practice Session –  introduction to sensual massage - From £265

The 5 Hour Foundation Class  – ideal for expanding your skills and a lovemaking - From £475

The 10 Hour Combined Foundation & Intermediate Class – learning even more skills and becoming a totally confident lover - From £775

The Advanced Professional Training – 20-hours,  combining the Foundation and Intermediate classes with additional business set up and marketing is for the man who wants to become professional sensual masseur for women. - From £1450

Classes can be booed at any time to suit provided I am available

Please call to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions

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