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Fully living to your potential

To live with an open and full heart

To live fully loving life, expressing yourself sexually

To feel pleasure in every cell of your body

To voice your desires and ask for what you want

To be able to give fully in your whole being

And to be able to receive everything you ever wanted

All of that is possible……

I am a Sexological bodyworker with a passion for showing people that it's not just about the pleasure of the sexual act (which is beautiful in itself).   But it can also be a profoundly deep and intense experience when we are fully connected to our body and our heart.  When we allow ourselves to surrender (not to another), but to surrender to the feelings and sensations deep inside, that yearn to be listened to, witnessed and allowed to be felt fully.

When we can do this for ourselves we are able to share that with our partner and have a deep and profound intimacy and love life that is beyond what we thought possible.

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