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With over 10 years of experience teaching and training in human sexuality, I enjoy using the skills I have developed to help individuals find their authentic sexuality and sexual wellbeing.

Using a mixture of both holistic and clinical sexology I put together programs to suit individuals, couples, and those within multiple relationships to grow their sexual repertoire.

Whether it’s wanting to learn additional skills in pleasure or even work through areas that challenge your sexual wellbeing, I’m equipped to coach you through the right path for you.

I am particularly passionate about helping with:

-       Polyamory

-       BDSM and power dynamics

-       Disability

-       Neurodivergence

-       Pelvic pain disorders

-       Couples sexual discrepancies

-       Sex workers

-       Finding your sexual rituals

-       Online dating

-       Long distant relationships

-       Sexual Aftercare

As a regular in the press as a sex and relationship media expert, I take my career seriously and regularly update my skills. My knowledge in human sexuality is recognised by The American Board of Sexologists and The International Society for Sexual Medicine.

I also train fellow professionals in human sexuality.

Not only do I offer Sex and Relationship Coaching, but I also work with companies directly on PR campaigns and copywriting.


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