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I work with women reconnecting to their body and sexuality, particularly after difficult relationships or trauma. I provide a gentle, loving space for you to rediscover your desires, your body and yourself. Supported on your unique journey at your own pace, you might explore:

  • Learning to love and trust your body
  • Knowing what you really want, asking for it and receiving it
  • Communicating and holding your boundaries
  • Being seen and validated for who you really are
  • Developing self-intimacy and a deep enjoyment of sex
  • Being in relation to men
  • Awakening your sensuality and divine femininity
  • Connecting your spirituality to your eroticism

I offer trauma-informed coaching and sexological bodywork sessions online and in-person in London. I offer authentic tantric massage and yoni healing in-person in London.

Sessions are a place of learning where you’re in control. We go entirely at your pace – nothing will happen if you don’t want it to. And everything is welcome: any emotions, sensations, any request you’d like to make.

I’ve worked with people where even talking about their body was a huge act of courage. I’ve helped rekindle relationships. And I’ve helped people explore their full potential in eroticism and pleasure. I’d love to have a friendly chat to discover what’s possible for you.

You’ll find testimonials in the images below and lots more details on my website.

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I offer a free one-hour “friendly chat” online. Find out what it might be like to work together, get advice, try some simple body practices. There’s no sales pitch or any obligation.

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