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I have been teaching workshops and running private sessions in the field of sexuality, ritual and kink for over 10 years, and I have helped thousands of people make peace with their erotic nature in this time.

I’m a certified Trauma Support Specialist and all of the work I do is trauma-informed. I’m also a graduate of Urban Tantra and Sexual Alchemy and I’ve studied Counselling Skills.

My specialities lie in ‘Conscious Kink’ and Neotantra. My forte is hands-on erotic sessions that lead to empowerment, healing and self-love; and in teaching others how to do the same.


I currently have 2 online courses for you:

  • Level Up: How to be a Better Lover of Women is a course for men who need more skills in the bedroom. We cover consent, boundaries, communication, intimacy, emotional agility, flirting and mastering your own body.
  • Getting Conscious With Kink is the six-part course covering all the essential basics of kink and BDSM. We go over consent and safewords then dive into power exchange (e.g. domination and submission), impact play (e.g. spanking), consensual non-consent. We also look at ritual, archetypes, healing and empowerment. Half of this course is real life scenes filmed in a dungeon.

As well as my hands-on sessions, in recent years I’ve also started teaching other practitioners these vital skills.


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You can view all courses using the courses tab at the top of this advert or via my website.

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