Francine created the world’s first Sexual Wellness Platform which features certified sexuality professionals from all backgrounds of The Sex Support Industry.  The platform gives the public access to expertise, events, courses, blogs and more, for a refreshed sex education in the 21st century.

Francine’s vision is to live in a world where sex is only ever a positive experience and access to factual, health benefiting and age-appropriate information is never censored. 

She created to showcase the diversity and expertise of professionals within The Sex Support Industry, bringing not only choice to the public but shining a light on the vastness of services and support that is available with in this under-accessed industry.

An ever optimist, champion for change and problem solver, in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic Francine won an 8-week battle with UK television regulators.  She campaigned for the visibility of Sexperts and their businesses and through this, the findmysexpert platform become the first sexual wellness platform to air sexuality support services on UK television adverting.  Whilst in the process contributing to BCAP advertising codes and paving the way for more sexuality support businesses to utilise TV advertising.  This process was supported by Sky TV and John Blandford a Higher Rights Advocate for the Crown Court. 

In 2021 Francine became a regional finalist for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, where she also became a grant finalist and via a public voting system won a national truck advertising campaign for the findmysexpert brand.  This achievement will again bring the platform access to mainstream advertising medium with the potential to reach over 4 million people.

Francine is a certified sexuality professional herself with over a decade of experience, she runs findmysexpert from her home in Lancashire where she is also a stay-at-home mother to two young children and two huskies. 

"I imagine a world where sex is always positive, relationships and communities are thriving and nobody suffers alone."

Psychosexual Therapist - Emma Harper

Psychologist - Leah Spasova