My Mission

To make it easy for people to get the sex life and relationships they deserve by putting them in touch with certified sexuality and relationship practitioners because I believe all bodies, sex lives and relationships matter and every body deserves the best. 

Why I created

As a certified sexuality professional I never found a platform that adequately showcased my skills, knowledge and experience and this saddened me.

Almost on a weekly basis new clients would ask me why aren’t sexuality and relationship services easier to find?

Seeing the need from both a practitioner and client’s point of view I set about creating an easier way to find trusted, certified and experienced professionals.  

findmysexpert is the first global sexual wellness platform that puts you in direct touch with certified sex and relationship professionals from all backgrounds of the sexuality support industry, on the phone, in person, online at events and with courses.  We are the one stop shop or as I like to tell people – “We are the yellow pages for all things sexual.”

Images captured by Viv Guy

My Experience

I have an extensive 14+ years experience in Sex Education and Social Service based intervention projects. 

In my early 20’s I facilitated sex education sessions for vulnerable homeless youths, ex-offenders and domestic abuse survivors, managing intervention and prevention projects across Greater Manchester in the UK. 

It wasn’t until my 30’s that I decided to retrain and push my sex education skills set into the somatic field of sexuality support, somatic meaning body-based practices.  You’ll see this word used a lot throughout the website.  

In 2014 I was made redundant so I took this opportunity and retrained as a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with the Institute of Somatic Sexology.  Directly after my training I opened my own private Sex Coaching practice in Lancashire running a successful practice and supporting hundreds of gentlemen and couples in growing their pleasure potential was most rewarding.     

I now juggle running findmysexpert and being a stay at home mummy to my two young daughters.


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Fran is a passionate, kind and supportive woman. I have known her in a professional capacity over the last 12 years and as a friend. Her enthusiasm and diligence is present in everything she does; as is her pride in a job well done. She wants the very best for all those she comes into contact with, whether on a personal or professional basis, and will do whatever it takes to empower, support and motivate them to achieve whatever they want for themselves.

Founder of Talk First Charity - Tracy Sheppard

Francine, is one the most professional and fantastic women making waves in the Sexuality Support Industry.

Sexuality Professional - Emma K Harper

I first met Fran during my Sexological Bodywork training in 2015 and was immediately captivated by her warmth, directness and intelligence. I was certain she was a pioneer, so it is no surprise to me that she has set up this brilliant website.

Sexuality Professional - John Fraser

Working with Fran is so easy, she is on it at all times, I highly recommend working with Fran and using findmysexpert.

Founder of Lifesexperts - Leah Spasova

From the moment I met Fran, virtually on the phone I found her to be a warm, kind and relatable person. Fran went beyond what was part of her role at the time, in my opinion, she went out of her way to assist me in what was a very stressful time. Fran has excellent communication skills and compassion for others, I felt this literally on every interaction I had with her. I will always be grateful for Fran's support and commitment to helping me and the charity I was helping to build.