Meet the Team

Meet Our Amazing Brand Ambassadors

Leah Spasova

Leah Spasova, CEO of LIFESEXPERTS, is a social psychologist and educator with a background and expertise in mental health and group dynamics management. She specializes in personal development education, coaching and training tailored for individuals, couples and groups. Leah is passionate about education, personal growth, the cultivation of healthy relationships and good systems in society. She stands by the philosophy that we live to learn and when we learn we live better.

Erica Leroye

Erica Leroye is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker & Erotic Performance Coach. She is the founder of Creative Body Release, a body-based approach to erotic exploration designed to encourage personal “growth” in all its forms using new approaches to understanding & addressing erectile flow & function throughout the lifespan. All sessions are individualized & incorporate Erica’s 30 yrs of experience & training in traditional & alternative health, wellness, and education.

Robyn Dalzen

Robyn is a somatic sex and intimacy coach and is passionate about helping people find what brings them joy — in their body and in their life. Robyn’s work is at the intersection of mindfulness, consent, embodiment and sexuality, guiding people to slow down and bring awareness to what they desire, practice the skills to communicate those desires, and create clear agreements to receive exactly what they want. She is co-founder of the School of Consent and her certifications include: Transformational Leadership Coach, Embodied Sex Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, Wheel of Consent Facilitator, and Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®) provider.

Kanya Ford

is better known as Coach Kay, a life coach and certified clinical sexologist/master sexologist. She is the founder and CEO of Love & Intimacy 101, LLC, where she is dedicated to supporting her clients on their personal growth journeys! Coach Kay works with women seeking to understand, acknowledge and accept their value, worth and boundary setting through self-love, accountability and truly owning their sexuality! Coach Kay also works with couples on strengthening their intimacy literacy. Through a combination of online learning modules, annual retreats and individual coaching sessions, Coach Kay utilizes her life experiences in conjunction with her formal education to guide her clients to smashing their life and sexuality goals!

Beverly Perryman

Beverly Perryman CEO of SpiceIslandQueen, Certified Clinical Sexologist/Sexual Educator, and Master Healer. I have acquired the Expertise in Adult Sexuality through education, and case studies to help you ReKindle your Relationship. She is proficient in Infidelity Crisis, and assisting in developing an action plan. Clients hire her when they need a confidant with solutions. Secondly, clients hire her because they love her approach and strategies of using the Japanese method Kintsugi to fix their Broken Marriage/Relationship. (how to reignite passion in your marriage) your Union. #transformationallife Broken CAN be fixed into something more Beautiful than the original. SpiceIslandQueen's mission is to provide you with a Shame Free, Adult Sex Education/Coaching environment. She is committed to having you discover and create the sex life you want through guided questions, suggestions and exercises. She is result driven, and as your Sexuality Expert she is committed to your Total confidentially.

G Stone

G Stone is a Certified and Board Approved Clinical Sexologist, Certified Master Sexpert, Dating, Relationship, Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, Travel Experience Curator and the Founder of “Straight”… But Not Narrow Ladies™ (SBNNL). G founded SBNNL as a place for “straight” passing women of color of all relationship statuses to feel seen, be heard and make meaningful connections in real life. As a Sexologist, G works with individuals and couples to help them lean into their authentic selves, cultivate deeper levels of intimacy, strengthen their relationships and pour into themselves through curated events, retreats, workshops, coaching and domestic/international travel experiences. G is passionate about curating safe spaces for growth and utilizing travel as an act of self-care and healing.

Ilana Grines

Is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California! She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ilana started her own private practice in 2019 in tandem with a mental health-focused social media platform @dailytherapydose. Daily Therapy Dose reaches over 40k followers worldwide! In her private practice, Ilana works with individuals and couples dealing with anxiety, depression, all things intimacy, and sexual health issues. She loves supporting individuals through all things sexuality, and recently started a tandem account @dailydoseofsexuality to focus more on this line of work! She is passionate about destigmatizing all things sexual health and believes that sexual health is exceptionally important to one's mental health.