Never Had Sex

Article By: Vicky

Are you a mature man that has never sex? Are you afraid of intimacy or the opposite sex? Perhaps you are afraid that your lack of experience will upset your partner. Well, I wrote this blog to let you know that you are far from alone in this world. This is in fact more common than society would have us believe. Having sex, being intimate with another human being is a really big thing. It’s a very powerful experience and the first time we ever do it, is especially big.

There can be many reasons for a person not having many sexual experiences in their life. Fear, nervousness, shyness, lack of confidence, lack of social skills can often accompany these circumstances. In my many years of working with sexuality, I have come across men of all ages who are sexually inexperienced or virgins later on in life. I can honestly say, that along with some confidence issues one thing they also had in common was that they were kind, sensitive people and it has always been a pleasure to work with such kind, and sensitive men. In this day and age, there is so much in the press about violence towards women and girls. If you are a man who has never had sex. If you are afraid, shy, or whatever your reason is for being in this situation. I want you to know that your sensitivity, that part of you that allows you to see having sex and being intimate with another human being as a big deal:


A huge, really important one! Believe me when I tell you that the vast, vast majority of women want, crave sensitive lovers. (There’s a minority of ones that don’t but we’ll leave those out for now. That’s a whole different conversation!) It’s so, so important. In fact, it is actually the most important thing about being a good lover. It is not about techniques. Techniques are fun. But it’s ultimately about sensitivity towards each other and good communication on both sides. Your sensitivity is the most perfect base for you to begin your journey towards being a great lover. Everything else can be learned. Sensitivity – really caring about your lover having a good time is something that takes some people a lifetime to learn.

So, if you’re a mature man who hasn’t had sex. If you would really like to take some steps towards learning to be intimate. Consider this your invitation. Not just from me, but from womankind. Really, we need you and your tender heart. The world needs it to.

I offer sessions for men in taking their first few steps in sexual intimacy both online and (outside of Covid) from my space in Salisbury. You can contact me HERE.


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