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Mar 03
The benefits and therapeutic value of sensual massage for women

For many centuries women have been forced to contain and control their sexuality.…

Feb 16
What’s Your Language Of Love?

Good sex is supposedly all about the ‘language of love’. But when you get…

Jul 18
How to start talking dirty with your partner: 6 top tips from men

By Angel Arts, founder of Secret Sauce Angel. Notes from talking to men Tips from…

Apr 15
How you can make better gay sex happen

Article By: Michael Dresser  Learn about one of the biggest myths, how you can…

Jan 16
4 tips for better intimacy

Article By: Michael Dresser  Better intimacy happens when you’re able to feel…

Nov 16
Opening to Vulnerability

“Vulnerability is not a weakness, a passing indisposition, or something we can arrange…

Nov 16
How to get more pleasure from sex and intimacy

Article By: Michael Dresser You may be surprised to learn that nobody can…

Oct 22
How to give an erotic massage: Tips from a intimate bodywork professional

Article By: Libby Sheppard  Giving and receiving massage is a fantastic way to create…

Oct 18
Why sex requires more than just permission

Article By: Michael Dresser  Great sex requires more than just getting permission.…

Sep 18
Why is erotic mindfulness and presence important for better sex?

Article By: Michael Dresser How easily are you able to stay in the moment and be with…


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