All you need to know about becoming
an advertiser

Benefit: Business and purse friendly advertising

Benefit: National truck advertising

Eligibility Criteria

Note: Your advert will not go live if you do not meet our eligibility criteria.  Please read our terms and conditions and refund policy clearly before creating and paying for your advert. 

• If you are a BME Practitioner please read our Black Lives Matters Statement. 
• Please note: Event adverts will be instantly rejected if the event date is less than 3 weeks away.

Benefit: What we do...

We offer more marketing features on our platform than any other advertising site. 

We are the first platform to feature practitioners from all professions within the sex support industry. 

We are specifically built for sexperts. 

Benefit: from consistent, personalised branding

We celebrate sexuality professionals with personalised branding.  We do this because we think this will help support the public’s perception of sexuality support if they can see a friendly happy face. 

Using personalised branding as a collective helps to normalise accessing sexuality support by showing that everyday people work in the industry.

We like to keep a consistent, professional brand because we are passionate about our brand and keeping consistent has a ripple effect on how the public will view sexuality support services moving forward.

This is our way to welcome you into the community to create a place where sexperts can gather and feel a sense of belonging. 

Benefit: from additional marketing materials

We make promoting your business easy.

We have created a series of funky eye catching posters that you can use to market your Advert, Events, Courses and Blogs.  These are accessible to you on your dashboard and fit: 

  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Stories 
  • Instagram Posts
  • Instagram Stories 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
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Benefit: press and public speaking opportunities

We are often approached by the press to support news articles, see some of the more recent features below.

Benefit: Like these other practitioners

Benefit: from being part of something really great for your industry!

We are on a mission to get sexuality support services and all the hard work sexperts do, the recognition it deserves. 

In 2020 our Founder Francine won free TV advertising with SKY television.  

After a grueling 8 week verification process, findmysexpert’s TV advert: ‘Amy’s Journey’ was aired on UK television. 

This is the first time ever Sexuality Support Professionals and Services have been aired on UK television advertising!

Watch the video for more details.