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Created specifically for certified sexuality professionals by a certified sexuality professional.  We understand your business needs.  



We research what the public want and we use this data to raise awareness of what is available within the Sexuality Support Industry.  Checkout The Sex Support Survey. 



We are a global platform and you can advertise as an online practitioner so your services and expertise can reach an international audience too.



We are often approached by magazines and other paid and non-paid exposure opportunities. If you come onboard, you’ll gain access to these too.



All adverts are accessible 24/7 you have full control and can change your advert whenever you like! There are no additional admin or hidden fees.

Clean, and consistent branding

Why we create personalised SEO for your advert...

Showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise on the

Platform Features Comparison

We offer your business many more supportive marketing features and functions than any other platform…  

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We are powered by you! Your advertising fee powers our marketing reach. The more advertisers the our marketing campaigns

Advert Package and Promotions


£ 24
Per Calendar Month
  • Fully search engine optimised advert, bio, job title, contact details, social links
  • Background, profile, gallery images and YouTube uploads
  • Unlimited event adverts and fully search engine optimised blog posts
  • Map search features, social media share buttons and so much more...


£ 8
30 Days
  • Make your Ad stand out above everyone else
  • For 30 days your Ad will be shown above all other adverts

• If you are a BME Practitioner please read our Black Lives Matters Statement. 
• Please note: Event adverts will be instantly rejected if the event date is less than 3 weeks away.

* Prove you have a minimum of one year, client face to face work experience within Sexuality Support or another closely connected industry ie. Nursing/Dating.  (The years experience needs to be covered by a certification and consecutive) (We do not consider running/facilitating workshops as client face to face experience.)  

* Upload all relevant certifications from reputable establishments. 

* Acknowledge ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ if you have appropriate professional insurance for your work. 

* Provide details of an Association or Governing Body of which you are a member of.  If not then please tell us in your own words how you have accountability set up in relation to your work.

* Have a website available for public viewing not under construction.  

* Provide your date of birth in full.

* Take part in an annual process to keep all information on your profile up to date and relevant. 

  • Your advert will not go live if you do not meet our eligibility criteria. 
  • Please read our terms and conditions and refund policy clearly before creating and paying for your advert. 

We aim to change the public's perception of Sexuality Support by creating refreshed, modern and campaigns

What the platform offers

Optimised for search engines

A strong web presence in the search engines, ensuring your service is visible to as many potential clients as possible.

Find me

All advents are accompanied by an integrated map feature making finding you a breeze for clients.

Search filters

Additional search filters for Sexpert and Event adverts including: distance marker / disability access, webcam sessions and more.

Instant communication

Potential clients can contact you directly from the platform when using a tablet or mobile phone

Featuring two powerful search engines

Powerful search radius ensures your advert is listed in all your neighboring towns reaching as many potential clients as possible.

International Coverage

Google analytics sees all continents reached monthly.

We make it for clients to find you!

What we don't do

We do not personally find clients for you

Rather we give you a platform filled with supportive marketing and promotional features, when used effectively these features will help you to reach potential clients on many different levels.

We do not guarantee new clients

It is your responsibility to write an advert that is interesting, easy to understand and builds enough intrigue that it makes people click the contact links. Your advert should speak to those people you wish to support. An advert aimed at everybody reaches nobody, so make sure you have narrowed down your target market before creating your advert. Use everyday language that reaches/speaks to your target audience and their needs directly.

We do not sell your services…YOU DO!

findmysexpert is the perfect promotional toolkit for your sexuality business because we don't censor your work like other social media platforms do! Adverts that are interesting, regularly updated and maintained get the best exposure and boost in Search Engine Optimisation, in turn creating more opportunities for new clients. To get the most of the platform we suggest you use all features available to you, regularly change or update your advert/profile.

We do not promote you as a individual practitioner

Our marketing strategy is to promote findmysexpert as THE platform to find certified, reliable, skilled and experienced professionals in sexuality and relationship support. Your monthly advert fee pays for larger scale advertising campaigns not individual promotion. A well written advert that is professional will draw clients to work with you using a professional photograph on your advert is a good starting point. Reach the top with our Ad Boost function for just £8 you’ll be promoted to the top of all searches for 30 days!   

We do not promote events/courses with less than 3 weeks to the start date

We do not guarantee bums on seats for your events/courses as with finding clients it is how you write up your events and course that will capture a potential clients attention or not. We promote your events and courses via social media outlets, appropriate private groups and those on our Newsletter.

Invest in the platform and its features and you'll see in your business!

Advertising is investing in you and your business...

We are on a mission to get Sexuality Support Services the recognition it deserves.  

In 2020 our Founder Francine won free TV advertising with SKY television.  

After a grueling 8 week verification process, findmysexpert’s TV advert: ‘Amy’s Journey’ was aired on UK television. 

This is the first time ever Sexuality Support Professionals and Services have been aired on UK television advertising!

Watch the video for more details. 

Discounts and benefits on products and services to support your business?

findmysexpert work in partnership with various organisations to bring discounts and support to its advertisers contact us for more details.

Would you like to work in partnership with findmysexpert?

findmysexpert work in partnership with various organisations, you can check out our partnerships page for more details. 


Do you run Certified Training Courses in Sexuality Support?

We work in partnership with several training providers offering student discount on our advertising packages.  Lets talk about what we can offer your students.

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