Human Trafficking

Modern Slavery “Human Trafficking” can affect anybody no matter their age, gender or race. You don’t have to cross an international border, this is happening in our communities today! 

Join us in raising awareness and learn how to spot the signs to prevent and protect any potential victims of trafficking.

What are we doing about it...

findmysexpert has teamed up with Safe and Free an anti-trafficking organisation and registered charity: 

To run an inhouse recording framework called ‘Redline’ which is managed by Safe and Free. 

Anyone from anywhere at any time can report anonymously or not, information they may have on the following:

Human Trafficking

Sexual Exploitation (underage or not) or

An advertiser on who is breaking the Terms and Conditions of the site

The journey into sexual discovery and exploration can be somewhat confusing especially when you don’t know what you’re looking or asking for! 

It’s easy to stumble upon people, areas and or establishments that aren’t regulated, safe or secure.      

Have you ever found yourself experiencing something that isn’t agreeable to your standards, values, morals and or ethics?

Have you ever been in contact with somebody in the sex industry who you felt wasn’t genuinely committed to the role they were doing?

Did you get a sense or feeling this individual was trafficked, perhaps you felt they were there against their will or coerced into the role?

Have you met somebody who you felt or you knew to be underage? (UK legal age of consent for individuals working within sex work is 18)

If you have experienced a less safe or supportive environment(s) we want to hear from you.

Report your experiences here now and together Safe and Free and findmysexpert will review your concerns and work with the most appropriate authorities to action a safe and successful outcome.   

Please disclose whatever information you may have no matter how small.


Thank You


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