Sex Support Survey Results

Thank You to all of you who have supported the promotion of The Sex Support Survey. I really value your efforts in helping us to reach our goal of 500 people.

We achieved 511 respondents!

To date, the survey has been viewed 1,699 times. With a 30% response rate which is amazing considering the people engaging with us have no relationship with us as an organisation – meaning they have no personal incentive or motivation to take part in the survey.

We promoted the survey mostly via paid Facebook advertising along with other social media platforms and of course with you all sharing too!

On Facebook we engaged 23,295 people with our posts for the survey and the platform and our post engagement from this was 1,122 which means comments, likes and shares.

I engaged with every single comment on all boosted posts to help in gaining more respondents and to offer clarity on what we do as a platform. We have had some interesting comments I can tell you.

The point of the survey was to find out what the public knows about sexuality support services and if they would access them. 

We now have enough data and I am sure the results will be of interest to you as certified sexuality professionals and to the public also. I know there are a few things in the data that have caught my attention already so we will get sharing the results ASAP.

Thank You all again for your continued support of this project.

You can access all the reports HERE.