Breaking new ground in Television Advertising

In 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic our Founder Francine won free television advertising via SKY TV  what followed was an 8-week battle with UK television regulators.

Campaigning for the visibility of sexuality professionals and their businesses.

findmysexpert became the first sexual wellness platform to air sexuality support services on UK television adverting!

Whilst in the process Francine contributed to BCAP advertising codes, paving the way for more sexuality support businesses to utilise TV advertising in the future.

The process was supported by SKY TV and John Blandford a Higher Rights Advocate for the Crown Court.

Extract from Clearcast Report

The results

Peak and off peak viewing times
Reaching 62,000 UK households
Viewed by over 220,000 people

Our survey said

We asked the public if they had seen any form of advertising for sexuality support services.  54% said they had never seen advertising for sexuality support! 

54% of people said they have never seen any form of marketing for sexuality support services

511 Respondents 


“Amy’s relationship isn’t what it used to be and Amy isn’t sure how to fix things. 

Exploring the internet for options, findmysexpert grabbed Amy’s attention.

Who knew there are professionals supporting people with their sex lives?

After chatting through her concerns with an experienced professional, 

Amy felt encouraged that this was the way to go AND booked an initial meeting. 

Sexpert’s could help with: 

Loss of libido 

Body confidence 

Communication and so much more…

Explore the Possibilities!”


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