Robyn Dalzen

“Robyn has a presence that is tangible within moments of being with her. She has an ability to create a safe, inclusive space within which you are encouraged to feel into and find your desires and your boundaries. She inspired me to realise that sometimes the deepest work we do seems so simple on the surface.” - Bob M.

Gayatri Beegan

"Time spent with Gayatri leaves a deep impression. She creates a welcoming, nurturing and safe space which allowed me to go to places unknown and unexplored. I knew I was in the hands of someone who cared, an intuitive guide and also a fellow traveller. She is completely committed to being a partner to one’s own journey. I loved my time with her" Paul

Angel Arts

"Thank you for the tips, can't wait for lockdown to finish to go dating!" – Deborah, 32

Sian Johnson

"What you have taught me is invaluable and literally life changing and I will be forever grateful to you for this. Your teaching style is captivating and you make the whole experience very enjoyable at the same time informative and to the point. I think what helps the experience even more is you mix your sessions with theory and practice. I’m trying to think of negative constructive feedback to help you but honestly really struggling. I would 100% recommend you without hesitation. Rajan Aged 28

Sensual Bodyworks – Jools

"I was made to feel at ease straight away. Jools is warm and friendly and has set up a really lovely environment that helps you relax. The massage was wonderful and far exceeded expectations, incredibly skillful and to be honest the most pleasurable two hours my body has experienced! I will definitely be going back. I also managed to sleep properly for the first time in years. Thank you!" Sarah (35-39)

Sonalle LaMariposa

"Sonalle LaMariposa held a beautiful space, each time empowering me to unfold a very different essence of myself in a place of not-knowing." (PI)

Leah Spasova

"I thought there is something wrong with me and that my sex life is dying. I was reluctant to go to my GP or therapy. So I am so glad I met Leah when I did. The insights and education she gave me are priceless. I am not damaged or dysfunctional, I simply had to make changes that I didn't even know were needed and affected me so badly." (M, 27)


“Vicky gave me a wonderful tantric massage. I nearly said ‘heavenly’. But that would not have honored the superbly sensual and earthy aspect. She is gentle, robust, tender, intuitive. If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary, look no further. I’m still dreaming about it.” Charles

Divine Theratrix

“As a couple we have a great relationship, but we’ve always wanted to spice things up by trying out things we perhaps wouldn’t think of ourselves or ask each other for. With Divine Theratrix we’ve experienced something neither of us have ever had, a space to be guided in safely pushing our boundaries, allowing us to explore deeper intimacy with each other.” “Him – it was really good having a structure to work with, because it gave me the opportunity to experiment with those few things. I could be purposeful in what I was doing. Thinking less about it made it easier to listen to her, gauge her reactions and give her the things she was responding to. Her – normally sex feels quite rushed, straight down to business, but what was really nice was that everything was really slow and sensual. There was a real build up before any of the intimate pussy touching took place. It made me realise how many different senses the body has and how being blindfolded made a massive difference because I was just focusing on the touch and it made everything feel a lot stronger.”

Erica Leroye

“For the first time in years, I can feel actual hope coursing through my body. I went to so many doctors, therapists, pelvic specialists, counselors, and no one could help me. I was angry, resentful and my marriage was falling apart, all because my penis wasn’t working the way it used to and no one could help me. You took the time to listen, ask questions, sit with me in my frustration and grief, and then give me the path I could not only manage, but enjoy. The work to be conscious as a sexual being and not just have arousal be automatic is hard, but finding you has been the best gift to come of this.” P.W - Age 59

Amy Levine

“I loved being able to talk about private things, and easily learn about sex stuff I usually wouldn’t think twice about.”

Pauline McClusky

"Pauline is a wise, skilled and creative practitioner. She is warm, empathic and intelligent, and also refreshingly grounded. Her consciousness of the healing power of pleasure, combined with an expansive and playful palette, helped not only in restoring me to myself, but also in expanding my own ability to 'stalk pleasure'. I am deeply grateful to her." Sarah (35-39)

Nichola Marchant

"Nichola is extremely approachable, not judgemental...I felt I could tell her anything and feel stupid or judged. You made me think deeply about the trauma's I have gone through and find solutions to how I felt".

Becky Price

"We are really pleased we had the courage to call you! Your guidance and support have lead us to new ways of how to connect that we had only read about and couldn't work out on our own. So much misunderstanding stood between us. We are forever grateful."

Rebecca Lowrie

"I feel very liberated and more confident in my own abilities, I can see strengths and qualities in myself which I had not acknowledge before and can accept areas of weakness for what they are and don’t feel trapped by them." -Mark

Court Vox

"Working with Court has been monumental to my ability to communicate my desires and pleasures to my partner with ease." Dan S.

Paul Field

“Paul is a true professional. Two factors, above other wonderful skills, means he is someone I would go back to again and recommend to others with no hesitation. One, is Paul’s ability to tailor the sessions to what is present in the moment and let it take its ramifications wherever it goes, discreetly facilitating the process so the path reveals itself to you. Second, is Paul’s incredible ability to safely hold the space: what sometimes feels difficult to hold, with Paul is possible.” Eleanora


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