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Jem Ayres

"Jem brings together a great range of skills as a coach, teacher, tantrika and bodyworker and through her guidance she is helping me to make positive changes in my life. Jem's Orgasmic Yoga coaching helps me to become more in touch with my body and builds my confidence in trying new ways to experience the full spectrum of pleasure and become more receptive to enjoyment, for a greater sense of well-being!. During the coaching sessions, Jem works with you 1 to 1 to understand your particular challenges and so the exercises and guidance are personally tailored to you. Jem's sessions are relaxed, open-minded and without judgement, so I can trust in her and the coaching process - I know I'm in good hands! Everything Jem does is with great professionalism but also with great knowledge, passion, humour and confidence and I have no hesitation in recommending her to help you!"


"Over a series of sessions Rowan enabled me to explore sexual orientation and identity along with its spiritual and psychic aspects. They bring both radical acceptance and kindness to their work, coupled with deep insight and an intuitive grasp of where you are coming from. I was really impressed by the open, deeply informed approach and the inclusion of the effects of structural oppression in exploring blocks and fears associated with non-normative sexual orientation. The work we did together enabled me to move into a new level of acceptance of myself and improved integration. I would highly recommended them as a skilled counsellor in what can be quite a difficult domain."

Sian Johnson

"What you have taught me is invaluable and literally life changing and I will be forever grateful to you for this. Your teaching style is captivating and you make the whole experience very enjoyable at the same time informative and to the point. I think what helps the experience even more is you mix your sessions with theory and practice. I’m trying to think of negative constructive feedback to help you but honestly really struggling. I would 100% recommend you without hesitation. Rajan Aged 28

Colin Richards

"Colin is kind, open, skilled, direct, respectful and intuitive. My experience was deeply helpful. I left the appointment feeling like everything had changed for me in the most positive of ways." (Michelle aged 35)

Sensual Bodyworks – Jools

"I was made to feel at ease straight away. Jools is warm and friendly and has set up a really lovely environment that helps you relax. The massage was wonderful and far exceeded expectations, incredibly skillful and to be honest the most pleasurable two hours my body has experienced! I will definitely be going back. I also managed to sleep properly for the first time in years. Thank you!" Sarah (35-39)

Leah Spasova

"I thought there is something wrong with me and that my sex life is dying. I was reluctant to go to my GP or therapy. So I am so glad I met Leah when I did. The insights and education she gave me are priceless. I am not damaged or dysfunctional, I simply had to make changes that I didn't even know were needed and affected me so badly." (M, 27)

Sue Sutherland

"Reaching out to Sue was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had issues around sexuality and was struggling to come to terms with my feelings and desires. From the first time I spoke to Sue, I felt at ease I felt as if I was talking to someone who was not going to judge me and felt like I was in safe hands. Sue has a way of asking very relevant questions that are very thought-provoking whilst encouraging you to connect to your body. This was a very new experience for me, but I soon realised just how valuable it was for me to connect to my body as part of the overall journey." (Hari)

Jon Gosling

"Jon doesn’t just listen to what you tell him in order to put you in a category and then proceed to work with you in a pre-prescribed way. He REALLY listens and takes time to reflect on what would be right for you, before adapting the way he works to suit you personally. Quite simply, Jon cares about you and does everything he can to help you so that you get the maximum benefit from working with him." ESL (client)

Dr. Namita

"I highly recommend Dr. Namita if you're looking for an exceptional sex therapist. She is compassionate, smart, intuitive and very supportive when it comes to challenging relationship issues. Namita crafts a personal approach as she helps to demystify and expose one's erotic and/or intimacy blocks. If you're looking to spark desire and create a more fulfilling connection with your partner, Namita is an excellent choice. I also refer my clients to her with great confidence!" (Amanda, 49)

Lucy Rowett

“Working with Lucy is one of the best self care decisions I ever made. I am getting to know my body like I never had a chance to do before And no, it is not only about sex, vulva and orgasms. It has a lot to do with finding pleasure in everyday life. Through Lucy’s guidance I am reconnecting with my body, I am learning to read it’s signals and how to take good care of it. Lucy is a kind and generous soul whose level of patience never ceases to amaze me. She gently nudges me to leave my comfort zone at the same time encouraging me to set boundaries. If you are looking for a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced coach who is friendly, sensitive and has a good sense of humour, I definitely recommend working with Lucy!”

Hanna Angell

"I have never felt so confident, alive and aligned with my true values. I am now able to see myself for who I really am and, for the first time since child, I have been able to return to the innocence of my body and sexuality. I am no longer trapped in my fears, shame and guilt around being a sexual man and am a much better person, father, lover and husband because of it. I am so grateful to you and for everything that you do” (David, London)