The value of mapping your body using touch

Mapping is a great way of re-connecting the body with touch, and finding out what’s really there – or even what isn’t there!

Do you know where your erogenous zones are?

Or do you just think you know… Most of us are creatures of habit, and most of us also spend far too much time allowing our heads (or other people) to inform what our bodies ‘ought’ to be feeling.

The truth is that pleasure doesn’t really stay still! Pleasure can happen anywhere in our body, at any time – what feels most pleasurable in your body right now, may not be what feels most pleasurable tomorrow – or even in 5 minutes!
But we often get stuck in patterns, and forget to listen to what our body is really telling us, and that’s a shame because we could be missing out!

What is mapping?

Mapping is a great way of re-connecting the body with sensate touch, and starting to find what is really there – or sometimes what isn’t there, which can be just as illuminating.

The process of mapping is very intuitive, and so can vary greatly from person to person. It’s very hands-on, so it can often resemble a gentle form of massage, but the key difference is that in this exploration the receiver is actively engaged in creating the experience, leading to profound learning.
It’s possible to map for many different things – sensation, pleasure, arousal, distraction, tension, or even pain!
It’s a fundamental way to start building an awareness and understanding of what is really there in your body. When you can begin to listen to the messages your body is sending you then you’re opening the doorway to greater self-awareness and acceptance.

A map gives you a guide

Often the physical body can hold clues to much deeper issues: a lack of sensitivity, or even numbness in the genital area, chronic tension or clenching of the sphincters, mental distraction or ‘zoning out’ when certain parts of the body receive touch – all these can be physical manifestations of emotional blockage, bad experiences, or even trauma.

Mapping is often a great starting point for focusing on issues you may not yet fully understand on a conscious level, allowing your body to guide you forward into a pathway for deeper resolving work.

Explore more…

All areas of the body can be mapped. However the genitals can be areas where mapping can bring especially rewarding exploration:

Anal Mapping and Massage. This part of the body often carries a heavy charge around shame, and much tension can be carried in this area. But it can also be a key to a more integrated connection with your body, as so many nerve endings and muscles are contained there. This work can be done externally and internally, and can be both incredibly relaxing and liberating.
Penis Mapping. Despite the key components of this part of the body being quite visible, issues like circumcision or the pressure of ‘the goal of ejaculation’ contribute to many penis owners having a limited understanding of its full range and capacity for pleasure. This work is just as valuable with or without erection. Get in touch to find out more


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