Welcoming Beverly Perryman to the findmysexpert Team

Beverly Perryman CEO of SpiceIslandQueen.  A Certified Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Educator, and Master Healer.

Beverly is an expert in Infidelity Crisis, she assists couples in developing proactive, confident action plans and solutions – with the goal to rekindle their relationship.   

Beverly adopts the ancient Japanese method of Kintsugi to support couples in mending their marriage / relationships.  Kintsugi is the art of fixing / putting back together items using gold.  The imperfection or flaw is recognised but the emphasis is not focused on the break but embracing the mending and the beauty of creating something new from something that may once was perceived as broken.  Beverly believes couples can reignite passion in their relationship when their focus is on transformation.

“Broken CAN be fixed into something more Beautiful than the original.”

While coaching and supporting clients to overcome infidelity is a strong focus of her work her toolkit and expertise expands beyond and can include related issues such as body confidence, intimacy/touch insecurities and fetishes.

Like many sexuality professionals Beverly has experienced heavy censorship of her much-needed work and this is why she wanted to become a Brand Ambassador for findmysexpert…

“I want to be a Brand Ambassador so I can help as many people as possible. 

As a sexologist, I am ever so tired of my content being removed and restricted by social media platforms.  I want to bring awareness to women that there is nothing wrong with our sexuality and should not be ashamed or be shamed!

What really got my attention about findmysexpert is it will bring awareness to our sexuality businesses that is something that’s a need, where we as sexuality experts can come together and learn, share experience while helping others.

Most importantly with findmysexpert, we can finally get the recognition we truly deserve, without judgments.”

We second all of this Beverly and excited to have your skills in the team!

If you’re interested in Beverly’s approach to mending relationships then click HERE for more info.

Do you have what it takes to be a Brand Ambassador?

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