Welcoming G Stone to the findmysexpert Team

G is a Certified and Board Approved Clinical Sexologist, Certified Master Sexpert, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Travel Experience Curator and Founder of “Straight”… But Not Narrow Ladies™  (SBNNL). 

G calls herself a Relationship Thought Partner and works with high-achieving people to align and optimize their relationships to cultivate deeper and more expansive levels of intimacy without shame or judgment. As the founder of SBNNL, G curates safe spaces for “straight” passing bi, curious and sexually fluid women of all relationship statuses to feel seen, be heard and make meaningful connections.

G’s Sexology work helps people show up authentically, strengthen their relationships, enhance intimate experiences and pour into themselves through curated events, retreats, workshops, coaching and domestic/international travel experiences.

G joins the Team because as she says…

“I am tired of social media’s censorship and discrimination. I want to be apart of and represent a platform that is supportive and truly understands the importance of sexual health, wellness, education, and also has a desire to assist with growing/nurturing small businesses/entrepreneurs rather than leeching and manipulating through haphazard censorship and algorithms.”

Well, we are delighted to have G’s expertise and passion onboard AND if you are interested in G’s approach to Coaching you can contact her HERE.


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