Welcoming Leah from SBC to the findmysexpert Team

A successful serial entrepreneur Leah is the CEO of LIFESEXPERTS, Sexpert Business Community (SBC) and more.

As a social psychologist and educator with a background and expertise in mental health and group dynamics management.  Leah specialises in personal development education, coaching and training tailored for individuals, couples and groups. 

Founder of SBC Leah has created a network of sexuality and relationship professionals who have benefited from her connections, business acumen and wisdom.  Leah is committed to supporting sexuality and relationship professionals to work more productively and collaboratively by creating sound processes and building connections in their businesses.  Leah and her team have developed a series of amazing resources for sexuality professionals so they can 10x their businesses.  Leah’s achievements with SBC have seen amazing growth for sexuality professionals who apply the knowledge.   

Leah is a kind, skilled and generous individual and her client testimonials and references only showcase that.

It has been a natural transition for Leah into the BA role as findmysexpert and SBC have collaborated successfully since 2019.

Leah brings a wealth of skills and expertise to the role and we are lucky to have the Sexpert Business Community as a resource and support to all findmysexpert advertisers.

To benefit from Leah’s expertise and skills as a sexuality and relationship professional click HERE.

If you’re interested in the work of the SBC as a sexuality practitioner you can find out more HERE.

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