What Are Orgasms and How do they Work?

Article By: Jade Lotus
Ever wondered how orgasms work?  Reading a description of one raises a lot more questions than it answers.  In terms of western physiology, the orgasm defies definition.  Perhaps it makes sense that in a culture that is obsessed with the big O, it’s very essence cannot be described in it’s language of science. In fact, orgasm is almost a religion.  Something worshipped yet not completely comprehended.  Something so divine we all yearn for it.  A moment of becoming one with all that is. We tend to think in terms of “an orgasm”.  “An Orgasm”?!?  Is that really the best that we can do?  Reducing this miracle of a bodily function to a single one?  Not just a one but often a one we have to chase to get. What if i was to tell you there is so much more to orgasm than “an orgasm”?  There’s even so much more than multiple orgasms or full body orgasms.  In fact, you can have orgasms pretty much anywhere and they can go on for extended periods of time.

Do you want to know exactly how orgasms work?

Let’s take a Look at the Physiology of Orgasms

I laugh when I read the definition of “an orgasm” according to western physiology.  A highly pleasurable feeling they say.  Well I could have told you that!  For all their technology, is this the best they can do? Let’s be honest though, orgasms involve two of the things that Western Science is most scared of.  One of those things is sex.  The other is energy.  This is why Western Science has completely failed to explain orgasm or indeed sexuality. On the other hand, if we look across the globe to the Orient, we find some incredibly detailed descriptions of orgasms.  The Taoists are best known for this and had a system of sexology that explained pretty much everything you could want to know about sex.  It ties in with Chinese medicine too.

Taoist Sexology and the Science of Orgasmic Energy

In fact, in ancient times, doctors would sometimes prescribe certain sexual positions to heal certain organs or illnesses.  They also understood that orgasmic energy was really important for health.  It is of course pleasurable, but it’s so much more than that. Sexual energy has this function of being both pleasurable and reproductive.  Of course it makes sense why that would be.  However, on a deeper level it’s also our life force.  We can feel arousal energy any day, and yet we won’t make children for most of our lives.  That means that there is excess of sexual energy.  This energy is something that we can use to make our bodies healthier. Taoists don’t talk about “an orgasm”.  They are far more likely to talk about orgasmic energy.  This also gives us a much better description of how arousal and orgasm work.  Sexual energy, when aroused, is like a pot of water on the stove.  It starts to heat.  As the water molecules move, and steam is produced, they want to travel.  It’s the same with the sexual energy.  It starts to want to move and travel.

How Sexual Energy Travels through Your Meridians

Imagine the energy originates in your perineum.  In Chinese medicine, this point is called the Hui Yin, and it’s been made famous as the Million Dollar Point.  This is where we can say the orgasmic energy originates.  It travels into our sexual organs, and then it wants to move. If the Meridians are open, the energy will travel up.  It will produce a blissful feeling and can start to produce vibrations as it builds up.  If the meridians are not flowing well, in a man it will come out as “an orgasm” ejaculation that ends the lovemaking session.  In a woman it will produce the single clitoral orgasm that she feels going donw her legs.  If the meridians are blocked there will be sexual dysfunctions. The main meridian that the energy travels through goes up the centre of your body and into your Heart (the Chong Mai).  The meridian spreads the energy to your cells and glands.  Another meridian travels up your back and through your spine (the Ren Mai).  A third meridian can take the energy up the front (the Ren Mai). The Energy can travel up and produce an orgasmic state.  This is when you feel a mild vibration through your body.  You experience a highly relaxed state when this happens.  The Taoists say that your body regenerates on a cellular level in this state.  According to Tantra, you actually can reach enlightenment in that state.

How Many Types of Orgasm Are There?

This is a hotly debated topic and people come up with numbers like three or nine.  Truth is you can orgasm anywhere.  Orgasm is Infinite.  Prostate orgasms are common in men.  Women can easily experience orgasms in the G-Spot and Cervix. The chest area is also a place where a lot of energy builds up.  So nipple orgasms and Heart orgasms are possible.  When your energy is moving well, it’s common to feel a lot of orgasmic energy on the back as it moves up the spine.  So you can have spinal cord orgasms, shouder orgasms and brain orgasms.

Meditating with Orgasmic Energy

That Taoists have specific techniques for meditating with your sexual energy.  These involve opening the meridians and consciously using the energy to heal.  You can move the energy to your organs and have an orgasm in each organ.  This has a powerful healing effect on the organs and body. Multiple and infinite orgasms are about relaxing and flowing.  It’s the opposite of “an orgasm” which is about tensing.  Once you learn to experience sexuality in this relaxed way, the doors of orgasm literally open for yo

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