findmysexpert is an advertising platform for all certified sexuality and relationship professionals worldwide.  We feature your practice and you, your events, courses and blogs!  

We are stand-alone in that we are the only multidisciplinary platform for finding and accessing sexuality support services.  

We look to feature ALL professions within The Sex Support Industry because we want to showcase the diversity within the industry and give choice to the public on how they address their sexual and relational needs.

What the public said

We undertook a public survey to find out if the public knows about certified sexuality and relationship professionals and if they would access your services. You’ll find more of the survey stats across the platform and also on our blog.    

88% said the number one reason that would help them in their decision-making process to seek out sexuality or relationship support would be if they saw a practitioner advertising on a reputable platform alongside other sexuality professionals.

Are you on a reputable platform? One that’s specifically designed for your work?  

Image says: 88% of people would prefer to see a sexuality professional advertising on a reputable platform alongside other professionals

511 Survey Respondents

Multiple choice question

511 Survey respondents 

Multiple choice question

We are a champion for social change

We see how online censorship has changed the way in which practitioners work.  It is becoming harder to sell sexuality support because Social platforms don’t want your content, they shadow ban you or restrict your content.  We take on these challenges and find alternative advertising routes for your work.

Image Says: First company to advertise sexuality support services on UK TV and UK national truck advertising
First sexual wellness company to advertise on UK Television and on National truck advertising!
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I’d like to answer any pressing questions you may have about my services, events or courses.  Just drop me a message below.