What kind of wanker are you? Bring more pleasure to your self-pleasure

Article By: Michael Dresser 

Masturbation: the best worst kept secret in the world.

There’s probably not a person who hasn’t at least tried it, and most of us do it regularly.  But when was the last time you actually paid any attention to how you turn yourself on, what you do, and why you do it?

Go on… think about the last time you had a wank… be honest with yourself – how good was it? Did it leave you feeling alive and connected or unfulfilled and unsatisfied?  Did you discover something new about yourself, or did it feel like you were just scratching an itch?

Masturbation is the perfect opportunity to build a relationship with yourself – after all, how many other times in our busy lives do we consciously make the effort to ringfence a bit of time for our own pleasure? So wouldn’t it make sense to maximise that precious time and get the most out of it?

What are the barriers to better masturbation?

Here are some common issues which cause people to limit their own potential when it comes to solo sexy time:

  • Getting stuck in patterns (I know what I like, and I like what I know) – but often these can mask deeper issues or fears around intimacy or sexual expression
  • Limiting techniques – quick, silent, orgasm/ejaculation focussed – can mean we never actually get to explore what our body really likes, as opposed to what we think it should
  • Porn and fantasy can seem like ‘easy’ routes to take to arousal, but they often disconnect us from our body – which is where the real pleasure is to be found

How to move towards a more mindful experience of self-pleasure

If you recognise any of these elements in your own masturbation habits then it’s likely you’d really benefit from Mindful Masturbation – a coached and supported process of learning how to really engage with your own body, your own pleasure and true intimacy with yourself, with tools and techniques which will stay with you far beyond the coaching sessions.

For some of those I’ve worked with it’s been life-changing and helped them to shift not only into a new relationship with themselves but also with their partners. But whether you’re looking for insights or just a chance to discover new techniques, there really is something for everyone in this process: even for those of us who think we know our bodies inside out, there’s always something new to discover!

Your journey of self-discovery is based around personal practice sessions, which means you can take everything at your own pace, while being supported by me every step of the way. It also means it’s one of the few ways it’s possible to get to work with me long-distance, with support and coaching sessions via skype.

Why not get in touch and find out how you can kick start a new relationship with yourself – as the saying goes ‘you’re worth it!’