Women: Find your Mojo! How to Feel more sexy.

I often get emails from women looking to experience a greater sexual Libido.  They are often busy women with families and long to feel more desire for their partners and more desire for sex.  It’s so easy to lose touch with that part of ourselves when we become mothers. So many other things need our attention. Sometimes they are women that have experienced a low libido their whole life.  But getting sexy doesn’t necessarily start where we think it would.  My advice: let go of goals.  Great sex isn’t necessarily about penetration.  It certainly isn’t about performing.  It’s about experiencing pleasure.  It’s about sharing pleasure with your partner. It’s appreciating and celebrating your body.

So, if you really want to feel more sexy, let go of pleasing other people. Let go of goals and come back to exploring your own personal relationship to your body. Here are a few tips:


If you want to feel more sexy, start celebrating your body!  Take up a dance class, go for a massage.  At the moment with Covid19 these things can be a little more tricky but there are plenty of classes online.  Give yourself a massage.  Take your time over ever nook and cranny of your body. Take a long hot bath with scented bubbles, candles and music.  Have some chocolates, fruit or champagne to enjoy while you soak.  Start enjoying your body and the pleasure it can give you right now.  Let go of the judgements about what it looks like.  Your sexiness and your sensuality go far deeper than skin level.  Notice the texture of your skin.  The softness of your curves.  Celebrate the unique beauty of your body.

Incorporate sensuality into your life more

Celebrate your own beautiful and innate ability to be sensual.  Your expression of sensuality will be completely unique to anyone else. Celebrate this! Think about beautiful scents that you love to wear.  Experiment with different textures and colours to wear that make you feel good.  Think about your favourite kind of foods that you love to eat.  When you eat them take your time and put all your awareness into the delicious flavours. Take time to listen to your favourite piece of music. Sit down, close your eyes, relax and really listen to it. Give it all your presence and let it really transport you. Treat all of your senses often to the things they love the most.

Try this simple Yoni meditation

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. It means Sacred Cave.  Here is a simple meditation you can do that takes ten minutes and will help you form a deeper connection your Yoni:  Take some time to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you are warm and comfortable.  Use your hands to cup your Yoni.  Ensure that your fingers reach all the way down to your perineum. Breathe into the warmth behind your hands. Spend a few minutes here focusing entirely on this warmth. Using deep breaths to connect to Yoni.  Notice how your Yoni feels. Are there any sensations? Heaviness, pain, numbness, arousal. Make a note of whatever you can feel and how strongly you can feel it. Use your intuition to move your awareness into part of Yoni you feel drawn to focus on. Use your breath to breathe into the feelings in this place.

If you feel drawn to, mentally ask this part of Yoni how she feels.  Is there anything she needs? What is stopping her from feeling arousal or pleasure?  If you feel drawn to, move to another part and begin the process again. When you’re done you can spend a few minutes breathing in beautiful sunlight into the Whole of Yoni. Imagine that light getting into any heaviness or numbness.  Take a few moments to relax afterwards.

Get into a habit of having a healthy, conscious self pleasure practice

Once in a while take time out to really celebrate your body with a healthy self pleasure practice. I could write a whole blog on this alone! But: incorporate your whole body. Start at the feet and hands and slowly work your way in. Use a beautiful oil that you like. Use this time to explore different strokes that feel good. Use different parts of your hand: finger tips, finger nails, the whole palm, your knuckles. Experiment with slapping or sharper sensations if you feel drawn to.  Experiment with different positions.  The more you understand about your pleasure the more you can share with your partner.  You are responsible for your orgasm. No one else.


Your breath can take you to extraordinary places!  Breathing deep into your touch or your lover’s touch helps you to focus on pleasure. It brings you present into the moment and takes you away from your thoughts and memories. It brings you present into your body And of course that’s where the pleasure is! Oxygenating the whole body through breath increases sensitivity and is so good for all the systems of your body.  There are added health benefits to working with the breath to.

And last but not least:

Follow your pleasure rather than goals

To get to a sexy place from a non sexy place we need to first relax.  Think about a sensation that would feel good to you right now.  Maybe a foot massage? Or head massage? Or delicate caresses on your legs.  Start there.  Listen to your body and let it tell you what it wants.

If you relax and give your body something that feels good, this is the most perfect base to start working from.  Then breathe into it.  Carry on listening to your body, perhaps now it wants something else. Give it another sensation that feels good and go from there.

My name is Vicky, I offer a range of sessions to help with Libido both online and in person from my cosy space in Compton Chamberlayne near Salisbury.  Online sessions are fully clothed and can incorporate Hypnosis, Orgasmic Yoga practices and so much more.

Take a look at my website: HERE.


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